image is an internet web-platform to allow you travel everywhere in the world and be hosted by the locals.  
It matches two travelers with each other’s local town as the destination and take turns to be the hosts. It’s targeting young generations (college students as the primary target), but anyone interested in traveling like locals and hosting friends from all over the world may and should take advantage of this service. 
The idea and full business model was generated, structured and designed by two High-school students. Gina Ni (14y) and Gia Ni (15y) are the two youngest contestants in the history of Chinese Startup Contest and Investment Summit, who entered the competition and went through 3 rounds of selection became one of the 20 finalist teams.
As young entrepreneurs, we need help, we need Your Help, to foster a great business potential to an executed and operationalized enterprise. 
We are calling for investors and recruiting team members.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you are one of the investors or teammates of the next young Facebook?  If you are interested, please contact us at
Please pay close attention to our live pitch and visit us at the live DEMO booth.