Mentorship Program

The Fourth Annual North America Chinese Startup Contest is partnering with Suzhou to bring the first ever Sino-US Mentorship Program to 10 startups! Through this program,

Suzhou will connect great projects with experienced mentors who have a strong Chinese background, ultimately helping early-stage startups develop cutting edge technology, build great products, and grow into a multinational company.

The Suzhou Mentorship Program will select 10 teams from the contest for 1 year of one-on-one mentorship that focuses on growing their business, raising capital and any other specific needs they might have. Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, previous c-level executives of public companies, and venture capitalists who will provide invaluable insights to 10 outstanding teams.

All mentors will be at the contest finals January 5th, 2014 and 10 teams will be selected from the competition and match them with the best-fitting mentor. Below is a list of mentors:

Datong Chen

Datong Chen(WestSummit Capital,Co-Founder & Managing Director )


Fu Tao

Fu Tao(Johnson & Johnson ,Vice President)


Jack Jia

Jack Jia(GSR Ventures,Partner)


Ping Wu

Ping Wu(SummitView Capital,Founding Partner)


Bob Xu

Bob Xu(ZhenFund,Founder)


Jeromy Xue

Jeromy Xue(TusPark Ventures,Managing Director)

Ben Yu

Ben Yu(Sierra Ventures, Managing Director)



John Yu(WestSummit Capital,Co-Founder & Managing Director)