Registration Form:
Start21 Chinese Startup Contest (click to download)- Deadline 12/01/2013
50 Past Projects (click to download)- Deadline 12/09/2013
Young Entrepreneur Award (click to download) – Deadline 12/28/2013


Fourth Annual North America Chinese Startup Contest (Deadline 12/01/2013)
• Outstanding projects who make it through the second round will receive airline ticket grants to participate in the final contest
• Win millions of dollars from US-China venture capitalists(last competition six teams raised over $1M in funding)
• Distinguished M&A panel discussion
• Obtain one year of one-on-one mentorship
• Second and final round teams receive one-one-one tutelage from mentors on their product, market, business plan, and pitch
• Accepted teams earn free tickets to the one day event ($500 value)
• Contestants will have the opportunity to partner with Suzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Zhangjiang, Zhongguancun, Guangdong and other cities in China.
• Winning teams who partner with above cities will automatically receive $X million in funding.

Application Requirements:
a) Must have a plan to enter the Chinese market and seeking China-US investment
b) Filled out registration form and PPT pitch deck (Chinese/English ok)c) Startup stages accepted: preparing seed round, angel round, early-stage, in development
d) Startups with investment may still apply

50 Past Projects (Application Deadline,12/09/2013):
• Assessed individually by previous judges
• Select teams will attend the event and participate in entrepreneurship forum
• Teams must have already set up office in China
• Awarded teams will receive travel grants
• Gain access to investment opportunities with China-US venture capital firms
• Listen to distinguished M&A panel discussion
• Receive market development advice
• Mentorship opportunities
• Strategic partnership opportunities YEA (Young Entrepreneur Award) Application (Deadline: 12/28/2013)
• High school and college students encouraged to apply
• Assessments made by previous judges, no on-site pitches
• Prize awarded by famous America Young Entrepreneur
• Possibility of mentorship, venture capital, and acquisitions
• Inspire young entrepreneurs to change the world

Application requirements:
a) Can still be in the idea stage or something you’ve started
b) Can be a business, non-profit, or school project
c) Can be individuals, teams, or with a mentor
d) Can be in English