1. Is there a fee to apply?
There is no fee to apply. Although, we strongly encourage applicants thoroughly
prepare their application to respect the judges’ time and maximize their chances of
finding potential investors.
2. Can previous contestants apply?
If previous contestants have made serious progress or changes to their product, market
strategy, team, finances, sales, or formed strategic partnerships, we invite teams to
apply again.
3. What type of companies should apply?
Early-stage startups interested in raising angel funding, venture capital, seeking Chinese
government support, joining high-tech development parks, or want Chinese market
exposure/strategy from experienced entrepreneurs and investors should apply.
4. What makes the UCAHPs startup contest unique?
UCAHP is a non-profit that exists to help early-stage startups raise funding and connect
them into development parks in China. You will not find a better resource to access the
Chinese market.
5. How do you guarantee IP protection of our ideas?
Only qualified judges (~5) will evaluate your project. Nobody else will come in contact
with your application. Applicants may also choose to keep their IP or team anonymous.
• Contestants can choose to meet with judges individually
• You may choose to remain anonymous to the media / public. • You may choose to only participate in the 50 past projects portion (see
announcement for more details).

6. If I submit materials early, can I meet with judges individually before the contest?
Once you’ve made it past the judge’s initial screening, you may speak directly with the
judges and/or angel investors. Contest organizers will put all projects in contact with
judges, investment parks, and VCs.
7. How much is the winning prize?
Winning teams can receive up to $100,000. More importantly, since you’ve already been
vetted by experienced judges/VCs, it will be easier to raise upwards of $1M through
organizers’ introductions to over 30 high-tech parks that include preferential policies
and personnel support.
8. What language can I use?
English and/or Chinese are ok. Please keep it consistent.
9. On how many shares do angel investors typically take?
Every case is unique but angel funds typically do not take a majority stake.
10. Are investments made through the contest considered foreign or domestic
There will be both funds based in US dollars and Yuan, so it depends on the source of
11. If I have any feedback how should I tell the contests organizers?
Email startup21@ucahp.org or reach out on our blog. Any and all feedback is greatly
appreciated. Let us know what you’d like to hear during the event!