2016″Young Entrepreneur Award”Presentation Day Highlights


On January 2, 2016, the 6th TEEC cup North America startup contest “Young Entrepreneur Award” was hosted in Santa Clara Club, Silicon Valley. During the new years holiday, more than 100 children and parents participated in the competition.

The ” Young Entrepreneur Award (YEA)” was sponsored by UCAHP (US-China Association of High-level Professionals), SVC Angel Fund, TEEC (Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club), and WRSA (Western Returned Scholars Association) and Beijing Entrepreneurs Club and Co-Sponsored with China business daily. Judges attended the finals on January 2nd included Roy Kong (Executive of UCAHP & SVC Angel Fund), Wang Jinlin (Managing partner at TEEC Angel Fund and CTO&COO at Answers), Wu Lifeng(vice president of Proplus Design & SVC Angel), Yuan Ye (Oriza Ventures , Director of YEA) and Shi Zuoyu(Director, Tsinghua Dongguan innovation center). The miraculous judges praised the performance of our young entrepreneurs as ” young heroes”, they not only gave critique on their project but also gave pointers to improve their PPTs. Both contestants and parents have benefited remarkably. In addition, co-organizers Ms. Xie Qi and Meizi(Chief Editor of Chinese Business Daily), Mr. Sky (Tianmu education foundation) also came to show their support of young entrepreneurship.

The 12 finalist teams were made up of elementary/middle school students from Silicon Valley area. Some of the projects included advertisement system on the back window of the cars, camera recognition software, smart home systems and air quality monitoring system, online shop for charity items, electronic notebook software, virtual reality classroom, students online tutoring platform, rapid disease detection technology, alcohol-level monitoring system in cars, online game server, public campus vending machine etc.. The average age of the participants this year is was 14 years old, the youngest was only 12 years old, and the oldest was only 17 years old. Although the contestants were young, but they had already formed their own vision on innovation and achievements: some participants even participated in more than two projects, some were experts in their fields, some had expertise support from their parents and used that used that advantage in their own projects, and some had orders already from customers.

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In addition to the 12 teams participated on site, the other finalist teams participated through other means. The winners of the “Young Entrepreneur Award,” AD Drive and SteerSafe were announced on January 16th 2017, during the main event, the 6th TEEC cup North American Chinese startup contest. Each of the winning teams received a certificate and a prize of $1000, the rest of the teams received the excellency prize. All participants accepted awards and a media interviews. At the same time they also had the opportunity to receive angel investment.


Young Entrepreneur Award Winners

AD Drive Charles Wang
Jerry Zhang
SteerSafe Ami Feng
Erika Yang

Young Entrepreneur Award Excellency Awards

Curiosity Cure Derek Yang
IMPACS Nelson He
J&S Telemedical Incorporated James Wang
Sarah Lu
Livi Model Builder Victor Cheng
Lily Liu
Nanoseed Emily Li
Luyi Zhang
Lucas Xin
Peer to Peer Microloan Daniel Liao
Project Semantic Shawn Jiang
PureVirtuality Edwin Mui
Vaibhav Tagarisa
Samay Suragimath
Sherlock Genetic Benjamin Ding
Gilbert Feng
Charles Xu
Sprincolor Ian Hsu