6th Annual North America Chinese Startup Contest

6th Annual North America Chinese Startup Contest and Accelerator

– Application Deadline, 12/07/2015

– Application Form报名表格下载:


North America Chinese Startup Contest_Application_English


YoungEntrepreneurAward_Application_Form (Application deadline for Young Entrepreneur Award:12/24/2015)

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North America Chinese Startup Contest (TEEC Cup) strives to foster collaborations on market and investment opportunities, career development for professionals and entrepreneurss between the United States and China. The past five contests have drawn more than 10000 attendees (3000 attendees for 2015 final contest alone), and more than 2000 startups teams. Among them, more than 200 teams have received initial funding and/or have initiated partnerships with China counterparts. Among them, Royole Corp., a 3-year-old flexible display startup, has become one of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Unicorns in China, and recently raised RMB1.1B with a valuation of above $1B. Chinese capital and the China market have played an important role in facilitating the growth of these companies.

The North America Chinese Startup Contest has built a platform connecting startups teams with US and Chinese investors, and providing unique resources for China market entrance. It has brought Chinese capital, the know-how, resources for China market entrance. The 2016 final contest will be held at Santa Clara Convention Center on 01/16/2016. More than 3000 attendees and 200 investors from China are expected to attend. Semi-final will be held on between 1/14-1/15/2016, where selected candidates will pitch investors and judges in a close-door private setting. This provides an unique access to industry experts and successful Chinese entrepreneurs with feedback, mentoring, and advice on China market and connections. Candidates also have the chance to showcase their startups both on stage with an audience of more than 3000 people, and at the exhibition booth.

For the 2016 contest, startup teams that successfully pass the 2nd round will enroll in a special accelerator program. The mentors are successful former entrepreneurs, executives of large corporations, and professional VCs. The program will provide bootcamp-typed of mentoring to startup teams on subjects including business plan polishing , China market strategy, product and business model reassessment, presentation trainings, as well as investor/market connections. Our 36-mentor team consist of rockstars in tech, business, and investing communities. They will guide successful startup teams through the 2-month journey as a valuable partner and advisor.

The startup contest is accepting the startup team application now. The deadline for application is 12/07/2015. Please download and fill out the application form  North America Chinese Startup Contest_Application_English or 第六届TEEC杯北美创业大赛报名表格. Applicants shall email the filled form with 10-15 page PPT to startup21@ucahp.org. Applicants will receive free admission tickets ($750 value) and discounted exhibition table ($300 value).

The contest is organized by UCAHP (US-China Association of High-level Professionals, a professional group started by Tsinghua Alumni and serving global startup teams), SVC Angel Club/Fund, TEEC (Tsinghua Entrepreneurs and Executive Club), and ECPU (the Entrepreneur Club of Peking University.


Mentor Team

We will guide you through the startup journey, hand in hand, to lift you up.

Ping Wu, Founding Partner, SummitView Capital
John Yu, Founding Partner, Oriza Ventures
Roy Kong, Managing Partner, SVC Angel Fund
Maria Zhang, VP, Yahoo
Jun Qin, Chairwoman, TI Holdings
Jun Li, Founding Partner, Wisemont Capital
Alex Liang, Founding Partner, Oriza Ventures
Lifeng Wu, VP, Proplus Design
Will Chen, Partner, Finnegan
Linda Zhou, Partner, K&L Gates
Michael Jin, Managing Partner, TEEC Angel Fund
Jinlin Wang, COO/CTO, Answers
Shawn Lee, Chairman, Chinese Peptide
Tao Huang, Partner, Cenova Venture
Nan Zhong, CTO, TiKL Inc.
Michael Ma, EVP, Arena Solutions
Hong Xue, Managing Director of Westlake Ventures/Partner of Cybernaut Investment
Yi Zhao, Partner, Westlake Ventures
Feng Hu, Advisor, SVC Angel Fund
Haiping Zhao, Advisor, SVC Angel Fund
Hongbin zheng, Managing Partner, Hegang Investment
Connie Sheng, Founding Partner, Nautilus Venture Partners
Bin Chen, Managing Partner, Cybernaut Investment
Jenny Zeng, Managing Partner, Magic Stone Investments
Jack Jia, Partner/CEO, GSR/Trusper
Ben Yu, Managing Partner, Sierra Venture
Tiemin Zhao, Partner, IPV Capital
Jeromy Xue, Managing Partner, Tuspark Venture
Jianyue Oan, President, TEEC
Feng Li, Founding Partner, SummitView Capital
Weijie Yun, Advisor, KPCB
James Hong, Managing Partner, Sand Hill Venture
John Wang, VP, Spansion
Yanchun Wang, Director, Johnson Control
Don Ye, Managing Partner, Tsing Capital
Zhiqiang Tai, Managing Partner, Springs Investment


Accelerator program

1. Presentation Skill Training: 12/16/2015, mentored by Linda Zhou, Partner of K&L Gates; 12/21/2015, mentored by Maria Zhang, Vice President of Yahoo

2.Customized Legal and Tax Consulting: 1/4/2016, mentored by Linda Zhou, Partner of K&L Gates

3.Connect with Hardware Manufacturing • Rapid Prototyping • Industrial Design: 1/6/2016, mentored by James Hong, Adviser of KPCB/Former Vice President of Foxconn

4. Team building and Entrepreneurship Inspiration: 1/8/2016, mentored by Jinlin Wang, CTO/COO of Answers

5.Customized Financial Planning: 1/12/2016, Michael Jin, General Partner of TEEC Angel Fund

6. Mentor/Mantee Christmas Party: 12/22/2015

7.One-On-One Tutoring——Technological Development • Product Positioning • Business Model Consulting: December, 2015 & January , 2016

8. One-On-One Tutoring——PPT polishing : December, 2015 & January , 2016

9. Team Video Producing: December, 2015 & January , 2016

10. Private Pitch to Investors: 01/14/2016,01/15/2016



1.Application Deadline:12/7/2015

2.Announcement of Top 50: 12/15/2015

3.Accelerator Program: December/2015-January/2016

4.Young Entrepreneur Award Application Deadline:12/24/2015

5.Live Demo Exhibition Application Deadline:1/3/2016

6.Semi-Finals Date (Top 50 to Top 20):01/14/2016, 01/15/2016

7.Finals (/Live Demo) Date and Location:01/16/2016 at Santa Clara Convention Center